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Maine town becomes first to declare food sovereignty
March 11, 2011
by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

(NaturalNews) The town of Sedgwick, Maine, currently leads the pack as far as food sovereignty is concerned. Local residents recently voted unanimously at a town hall meeting to pass an ordinance that reinforces its citizens' God-given rights to "produce, process, sell, purchase, and consume local foods of their choosing," which includes even state- and federally-restricted foods like raw milk.

The declaration is one of the first of its kind to be passed in the US, and it is definitely not the last. Several other Maine towns -- including Penobscott, Brooksville, and Blue Hill -- all have similar ordinances up for vote in the coming weeks. >>Read More

Sustainable Farming Can Feed the World?
March 8, 2011, 8:30 PM

The oldest and most common dig against organic agriculture is that it cannot feed the world’s citizens; this, however, is a supposition, not a fact. And industrial agriculture isn’t working perfectly, either: the global food price index is at a record high, and our agricultural system is wreaking havoc with the health not only of humans but of the earth. There are around a billion undernourished people; we can also thank the current system for the billion who are overweight or obese.

Yet there is good news: increasing numbers of scientists, policy panels and experts (not hippies!) are suggesting that agricultural practices pretty close to organic — perhaps best called “sustainable” — can feed more poor people sooner, begin to repair the damage caused by industrial production and, in the long term, become the norm. >>Read More

Who, What, Why: What exactly is a Cornish pasty?
23 February 2011
BBC News Magazine

Cornish pasties have been given protected status by the European Commission. So how do you define this savoury foodstuff?

It has been a long journey from the tin mines of Cornwall to the corridors of Brussels, but a lunchtime dish familiar to millions is now about to get the recognition its fans insist it deserves. >>Read More

Raw Milk Cheesemakers Fret Over Possible New Rules
Published: February 4, 2011

Federal regulators are considering whether to tighten food safety rules for cheese made with unpasteurized milk — and the possibility has cheesemakers and foodies worried that the result will be cheese that is less tasty and not much safer. >>Read More

Local organic fare served up in Mt. Blue RSD 9
January 25, 2011
The Daily Bulldog

FARMINGTON - Mt. Blue RSUD 9's food director, Cheryl Ellis and Marble Family Farms are working together to offer certified organic squash in schools throughout the district. The Marbles are delivering fresh peeled and cut squash to the school which is then frozen until needed. The squash will be on the schools menus come February. >>Read More

EU organic food push hailed by African farmers
January 8, 2011
By James Melik
Reporter, Business Daily, BBC World Service

The European Union (EU) is co-funding a $2.8m (£1.8m) publicity campaign to convince UK residents that organic food is good.

According to the industry body, the Organic Trade Board (OTB), the aim is to democratise organic foods and make people aware of their benefits.

In other words, the OTB wants people to buy more organic produce. >>Read More

GM pigs: Green ham with your eggs?
January 4, 2011
By Jeremy Cooke
Environment correspondent, BBC News

In a small complex of nondescript barns set in the flat, snow-covered fields of Ontario is a scientific project which, some argue, represents the new frontier of a technology that could benefit millions of people around the world.

For others what is happening here is weird, dangerous science.

The pigs they are breeding could be among the first genetically modified farm animal to be approved for human consumption. >>Read More

Chop, Fry, Boil: Eating for One, or 6 Billion
Published: December 31, 2010

“Revolutionary” diet books flood the market this time of year, promising a life changed permanently and for the better — yes, in just 10 to 30 days! — but, as everyone knows, the key to eating better begins with a diet of real food.

The problem is, real food is cooked by real people — you! — and real people are cooking less than ever before.We know why people don’t cook, or at least we think we do: they’re busy; they find “convenience” and restaurant foods more accessible than foods they cook themselves; they (incorrectly) believe that ready-to-eat foods are less expensive than those they cook themselves; they live in so-called food deserts and lack access to real food; and they were never taught to cook by their parents, making the trend self-perpetuating. >>Read More


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