A Sustainable, Tasty Brand

"If every citizen ate just one meal a week (any meal) composed of locally and organically raised meats and produce, we would reduce our country's oil consumption by over 1.1 million barrels of oil every week." (Kingsolver, 1998: 5)

NurtureME is an umbrella brand for Maine grown and produced foods. It grew out of the realization that our current globalized food production system was unsustainable, yet fixable. The solution to the environmentally and culturally damaging current practices are to instead turn to a localized food system based on organic methods of agriculture. The idea is that with the creation of an umbrella brand for Maine grown and produced food it will bring awareness to the current issues and offer an ecologically and better tasting alternative.

The issues involved with the creation of this brand are as follows:

  1. The brand needs a set of Standards and Values
  2. Logistics need to be ironed out. Who needs to be involved? How will the brand be created/distributed?
  3. Need to show the advantages of a strong food culture – how will a strong food culture benefit Maine/the US?

Watch the NurtureME brand presentation: