800+% The percentage of the increase in number of certified organic farms in Maine from 1988-2008 (ME's Organic Farms Impact Report 2008)
34% The percentage of Maine state tourists who rated eating unique local foods as one of the most popular experiences. (Ag Creative Economy Report 2004)
1.25 The number (in millions) of acres of which Maine farmers are the stewards (ME DOA 2011)
$1.2 The number of dollars (in billions) Maine food producers and processors generate in sales annually (ME DOA 2011)
$3 The number of dollars (in billions) Maine consumers spend on food products and services each year (ME DOA Report 2004)
>4% The percentage of the $3 billion Maine consumers spend on food products and services that Maine farmers receive (ME DOA Report 2004)
40% The amount Maine farmers could increase their yearly by income if Maine consumers upped their purchase of Maine goods and services from >4% to just 10% (ME DOA Report 2004)
85¢ The amount of every dollar we give to the processors, marketers and transporters of our food, not the farmer. (Kingsolver, 2007: 13)
2% The percentage of USDA research funding that goes to organic research (Rogers, 2010)
38 The number of identified antioxidants in a sprig of garden-variety thyme (Pollan, 2008: 64-65)
20% The percentage of approved-for-use pesticides that are listed by the EPA as carcinogenic in humans (Kingsolver, 2007: 165)
80,000 Number of plant species humans have consumed over our history (Kingsolver, 2007: 49)
8 The number of species that humans now get three-quarters of our food supply from (Kingsolver, 2007: 49)
3 The number of species (genetically modified corn, soy, and canola) that are quickly taking over our food supply (Kingsolver, 2007: 49)
30% The percentage of Maine students who are overweight (Rep Don Pilon)


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