Why Branding Has Such a Bad Rep


For the sustainable Maine food brand, this is the type of branding we need to make sure we stay away from.

Food Products, are brands what really what they seem? from rob ward on Vimeo.

Branding has a bad reputation due exactly to people who use it to mislead customers. I think that fantasy can be used to a degree, for example if you own a farm and use an illustration of your farm in your branding, that is fine. It is when you are a processing company using animals from multiple industrial farms and then label your products with the same illustrated version of a non-existant farm that irks me. It of course all boils down to using correct labeling, which is something we need to be pushing harder for. If consumers start demanding to know exactly where their food comes from, for example that the chicken in this packet came from Farm A in location A and the chicken in the next packet from Farm B in location B, then maybe branding can get back to it's original purpose of being used to create trust between product and consumer without misleading them.

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